issues directly linked to objects in your BIM together with the correct viewpoint for quick visualisation
all the information needed at hand to lookup, create and solve issues within your BIM tool,
to save all your issues in the cloud and be able to access them from anywhere at anytime.
BIMcollab centralizes issue management in the cloud, simplifies this process and offers a structured way of storing, sharing and managing issues. But more important: you have the information right where it's needed most: directly within your BIM model checker and BIM authoring tools.


Why a dedicated BIM issue tracker?
In any construction project many unexpected problems and issues arise, which are hard to manage and keep track of. Using BCF files helps to solve part of the problem, but issues remain. How do you manage multiple BCF files and not lose control over what is communicated with who and which file?

That is why we created an easy-to-use, though powerful, issue tracking system for BIM. Existing issue management systems lack key aspects, which are vital to ensure a reliable, safe and smooth BIM workflow for the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies working on construction projects.





Depending on which plan you choose, you can count on unlimited no. of users or projects for you and your team.



Setup your clients and teams manually or import them via csv-files to give them automatically access to specific projects.



We compress size sensitive data on the fly to limit storage space and optimize performance. Plans of 5GB – 100GB or more shouldn’t be a problem.



Get email-support from the ones directly working on BIMcollab. During our business hours in Europe, we typically get back to you within the hour.



If issues are assigned to you or somebody changes your issues, you will get an automatic email-notification.



Upload unlimited no. of BCF files with issues from Solibri Model Checker, BIMsight, Navisworks and more. Intelligent merging algorithms even make off-line export and import possible.


99.9% UPTIME

Teams all over the world rely on BIMcollab daily. We take downtime very seriously. You can count on us.



A browser and an internet connection is all you need. No software, no installs, and no sweat to get started.



There’s a watchful eye on all our network systems so we can be alerted of issues before they become big problems.



All your data is backed up daily. Your data is safe and securely stored in our hosting environment



All BIMcollab plans run under SSL and all sensitive data is encrypted at rest in our databases. Our datacenter is SAS70-certified & fully PCI compliant.



Develop your own apps or integrate BIMcollab within existing services. Use our free libraries and developer API, and you are connected in a few days.


Already linked to BIMcollab

  Direct link BCF 2.0 link BCF 1.0 link
ARCHICAD 17 & 18
ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2014 & 2015
Solibri Model Checker 9.5
Solibri Model Checker 9 and older    
Revit 2013 - 2015
Navisworks 2014 - 2015
simplebim 3 & 4
Tekla Structures    
Tekla BIMsight    

Create seamless integration

Easily create dynamic links from your software to BIMcollab without building a web service interface. Just call the connect function with URL, username and password, and you can query all information in every BIMcollab project via the same API. But you can also use the ‘LoadBCFFile’ or ‘MergeBCFFile’ for a file based workflow.

Supported platforms and languages

We have versions for C++ (.NET or Borland for Windows, Xcode for MacOS), C# and Java, both for Mac and Windows. You can use dll’s or link the libraries directly into your codebase.

Example source code

Part of the package is a free sample code to get a kick-start in your development. The only thing you have to do is integrate the example code in your software and build the links to your own model-views and object data structures. How about starting today?

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