Create seamless integration

Easily create dynamic links from your software to BIMcollab without building a web service interface. Just call the connect function with URL, username and password, and you can query all information in every BIMcollab project via the same API. But you can also use the ‘LoadBCFFile’ or ‘MergeBCFFile’ for a file based workflow.

Supported platforms and languages

We have versions for C++ (.NET or Borland for Windows, Xcode for MacOS), C# and Java, both for Mac and Windows. You can use dll’s or link the libraries directly into your codebase.

Example source code

Part of the package is a free sample code to get a kick-start in your development. The only thing you have to do is integrate the example code in your software and build the links to your own model-views and object data structures. How about starting today?

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