Limitations of ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 compared to ARCHICAD 19 include
Collaboration limitations: No Teamwork / BIM Server / Hotlinked Modules / XRefs / Reviewer / PMK/EDU file format support / Publisher / STL Export / IFC Publishing
Modeling limitations: No 'Linking Element Heights to Stories' function / Renovation functionality / Curtain Wall
Documentation/Productivity limitations: No Point Cloud Display / No Revision Management / BIMx Hyper-model Publishing / No Renovation / Integrated Energy Evaluation / Conceptual Design with Morph Scheduling / Layered PDF Publishing
Visualization limitations: No CineRender Rendering / LightWorks Rendering / Sketch Rendering
Project Organization limitation: No License Borrowing / NET License
Performance limitation: No Multithreading on Unlimited Cores
To take advantage of the entire range of ARCHICAD features and benefits, you can upgrade at any time to the current, full version of ARCHICAD and continue editing your previous projects with it.

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