BIMcloud for BIM Managers


BIMcloud’s project management interface allows BIM Managers to organize the office servers - located across continents - and design projects into a folder-like structure. The folder hierarchy and grouping logic depends on the company's strategy (i.e. studios, offices, project types, owners or architects etc.).

BIMcloud Manager features a browser-based “zero deployment” management interface. This enables BIM Managers to control every aspect of BIMcloud using not only desktop or laptop but even tablets or smartphones. All common browsers and platforms supported.

BIMcloud can be fine-tuned to support both low-trust and high-trust company environments using its built-in user/permission management system. BIM Managers can create and adjust user roles and groups. Project owners, architects, draftsmen and viewer roles can be distributed among team members located in various locations. User role privileges can be carefully edited matching the studio setup and workflow or reflecting the design or documentation stage of the project; typical roles can be re-used across multiple projects. Sub-contractors, engineers, consultants and even clients can be involved.

BIMcloud enables simultaneous teamwork on parallel building projects and multiple ARCHICAD versions. In practice, this means that running projects can be completed on a certain ARCHICAD version, while new projects can be started on a different ARCHICAD version without issue – all hosted on the same BIMcloud.

Project snapshots - representing the actual state of a shared design project - can be created automatically as well as manually, at any stage of the design work. Such snapshots can be easily restored. BIM Managers can also perform automated backups for all the design projects located on BIMcloud. Entire servers can be restored from backups with a few clicks.

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