ARCHICAD 20 Update 3016   

This Update fixes the recently discovered performance issue with the use of external images and Trace&Reference.

  • This Update is available only for the following language versions: INT, USA, UKI, GER, AUT, FRA
  • This is an ARCHICAD and OSX only Update, so there is no Windows version, and there is no BIM Server / BIMcloud Update.
  • BIM Server/BIMcloud 20 Release Build 3012 is compatible with the updated ARCHICAD 20.


Last modified: July 21, 2016

Installation Notes

  • The Update process will automatically search your computer for ARCHICAD 20.
  • Make sure you have administrator rights on the computer. Start the full installation process using an administrator account.
  • Make sure none of the ARCHICAD components are modified (e.g. renamed).
  • For Mac users: make sure to mount the installation dmg while being signed in with the administrator account that you always use to install or update GRAPHISOFT products.
  • After installing this Update connecting to License Servers with CodeMeter driver older than 5.00 will not be possible. In such cases the update of the License Server is necessary. CodeMeter Driver 5.22a can be downloaded from here.


  • If you have multiple copies of ARCHICAD on your machine, then the installer will automatically find one copy. If you want to update a different instance, you can use the "Browse" button to locate it. You will need to run the installer multiple times to update each copy of ARCHICAD.

List of Improvements in this Update

This Update fixes the following bug:

  • 212530 EDIT: Zoom and Pan with the Trace ON could increase memory usage and slowed ARCHICAD down.

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