Trademark Usage
GRAPHISOFT trademarks and service marks ("GRAPHISOFT trademarks") protect GRAPHISOFT’s business and product identity. You may use GRAPHISOFT trademarks (but not logos or taglines) to identify GRAPHISOFT products, services, and programs provided that your use meets the following guidelines:

Permissible Use
You may generally use GRAPHISOFT trademarks to refer to the associated GRAPHISOFT products or services. For instance, an authorized reseller can note in its advertisements that it is selling GRAPHISOFT products. Similarly, a GRAPHISOFT customer may issue a press release stating that it has implemented GRAPHISOFT software.

Unless you are licensed by GRAPHISOFT under a specific written agreement, do not use the GRAPHISOFT logo, ARCHICAD logo, or any other GRAPHISOFT logos, symbols, or icons on or in connection with products, packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional items, websites or marketing materials (“Marketing Materials”) for any purpose.

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