Changes in ARCHICAD supported versions

ARCHICAD 20 has started shipping, and in accordance with GRAPHISOFT Customer Support policy, support for previous versions changes as follows:

  • ARCHICAD 17 is no longer supported. GRAPHISOFT 2nd tier Support (GRAPHISOFT headquarters) will not process ARCHICAD 17 related cases anymore.
  • ARCHICAD 18 will not get any more updates. The recently released Update 9019 was the last. 2nd tier Support will still process ARCHICAD 18 related cases and strive to provide reasonable workaround solutions for any remaining issues.
  • ARCHICAD 19 and ARCHICAD 20 will receive regular Updates in the future, with the next Update planned for fall/autumn.

Technical support is offered for the above versions only for clients with a valid Software Service Agreement (SSA). Local terms and policies may apply.

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